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Publisher: Linda Gayle
Release date: September 17, 2012
© Linda Gayle
Cover by Angie Waters

When Kels Havoc's lover leaves him to participate in the high sex games on the far side of the universe, he wants to chase after her and convince her to come back, this time for good. Unfortunately, Captain Kels gambled away his beloved ship to pay a debt. Fate seems to smile on him when a strange girl offers a proposition that might solve all his problems.

Sayal Iluma can tell no one what she truly is, an alien/human hybrid, an illegal life form on the run. Having fled her Prime alien creator's deep space liner four months earlier, Sayal has landed in the proverbial armpit of the Sentient Universe. With time, however, she realizes running away is not the answer and now seeks revenge. If she can find a sex partner as well as passage to the high games, which the Prime follows, she'll regain entry to his ship and there she'll kill him.

Having just seen Kels' harridan girlfriend finally leave their lives, first mate Elion Andervaars is concerned Sayal will be the next to come between him and Kels. For years, Elion has carried a torch for his captain. He worries this moneyless girl is taking advantage of his boss's big heart. Still, he finds himself affected by her beauty as well and softens enough to offer a compromise: If she and Kels will go one round in the local sex games, proving she's serious, he'll agree she can travel with them. Of course, first they need to win back their ship.

But this gamble is only the first of many. Sayal's creator is in an unholy alliance with the ruthless military complex, and Sayal's at the heart of his diabolical plans. Only by risking their lives, and their love for one another, can the three save the SenVerse and win their freedom at last.



"No, no and no." Without even looking at Kels, Elion shoveled his breakfast of duck eggs and cheese into his mouth. If he looked at his captain, he'd give in, and there was no way he would back down on this one. "C'mon, El. At least wait 'til you meet her. She's quite a looker."

"You mentioned that already. Several times," he said dryly, risking a sideways glance. Havoc sat beside him with his coffee mug raised halfway to his lips, his thick hair ruffled as if he'd just fallen out of bed-which was likely-his shirt open roguishly at the throat and his eyes filled with stars. Elion knew that look. When it came to pretty girls, Kels' otherwise keen brain took a diver into deep space. "If she's so fixed on hitching a ride, why isn't she here yet? It's past ten-hour."

But Kels had focused on something across the room, and Elion's stomach sank when Kels waved to the latest being to enter the noisy tin-walled café. Kels grinned at him. "Y'see? There she is, and it's exactly ten-hour, I'll have you know."

Elion grumbled and hunched over his meal. Duck eggs, again. Why did ducks have to prove so amenable to off-world breeding? What he wouldn't give for a fresh piece of fish. Or steak. Or tofu, to be honest. On their limited budget, it'd been nothing but duck for days. He turned, spork raised, to remind Kels of their farking financial state, but he'd already gone to greet this woman, this impoverished waif his soft-hearted captain truly needed to turn down.

Slouched, he watched as Kels embraced her. Yeah. She was a looker, as promised. Crack. Shiny, ebony hair, naturally red lips-lush, of course-fetching eyes and a body to kill for. He'd heard all about the skin suit she wore last night. Today she'd abandoned that in favor of sleek, fawn leather pants, boots and a tight-fitting green blouse that set off the forest tones of her eyes. Elion sighed. How could he compete with that?

Hand at her back, Kels herded her to the table. She grinned, and Elion's mood got a little more gravelly.

"Good morning, sir," she said, smiling uncertainly, and held out her hand.

"Yeah." He kept chewing, and gave Kels a "you've got to be porking me" look.

Kels trumped that with a "mind your manners" glare, and Elion gave her a limp hand to shake.

"This is Sayal Iluma," Kels said, pulling out a seat for their would-be passenger. "Sayal, this is-"

"Elion Andervaars, First Mate," she said, interrupting. "Former lieutenant of the 544th squadron, Terran Aramada, Omega system. Wounded in the Battle of Aleppo, discharged with full honors."

Kels dropped into the seat next to Sayal. "Told you she'd done her research."

Elion sighed and leaned back in the uncomfortable booth. "It's a little suspicious, isn't it? She knows so much about us, but we know nothing about her."

Kels quirked a shrug. "Not our business, if she's going to be a passenger."

"And a gamespartner." Unsmiling, Elion arched a brow at the woman. "Want to elaborate on that, Ms. Iluma?"

"I believe that's business between your captain and me," she replied, visibly cooling.

"If it involves my boss, it's my business, too." He jerked his thumb at Kels. "We're partners, get it?"

"In everything?" she asked then took Kels' coffee and sipped from it, the bold brat. Elion felt unrighteous possessiveness rising in him. He'd never liked Keeva and here came another one, elbowing her way right in.

She wouldn't be easy to dump, he could see that right away.

"Sometimes," he muttered, leaning forward on his elbows.

Kels raised his hands. "Okay, you two, ice it before you start a brawl. Not that I'm not flattered by two gorgeous people fighting over me, but this isn't the venue."

Elion was surprised at how hard his heart was beating. Something about this bird really set him off. "No need to get ruffled, Kels," he said, picking up his spork and spearing it into the greasy eggs. "But if she's got no iron and wants to fuck her way across the SenVerse, I was just wondering what I get out of the deal."

He heard her sharp intake of breath, a satisfying gasp, and focused on eating rather than smirking. By the saints, he couldn't remember disliking anyone so intensely from the start. It had to be the way Kels had oozed about her beauty then practically plastered himself to her side. She wasn't worthy of him, or least off she hadn't proved it yet.

Kels' tone was sub-zero. "If I say we take her, we take her."

Sayal shook her head. He saw the fringe of black hair dancing in the border of his vision.

"No, Captain. If your first mate objects so strongly, than I cannot impose. It's true, what he says. I have only a hundred bits to pay you with now, although a substantial fee would be given you once we reach the Zone, and we would be winning prizes in the games, should we join as partners. I don't mean to…fuck my way, as he says, but that is part of the deal." Her voice lowered to a sympathetic pitch clearly directed just at Elion. "I would not want to jeopardize your partnership. Or your friendship."

Mid-chew, Elion stared at her. Something about her tone hinted at more than her mere words. Did she know he'd been crushing on his captain for the past five years? Ever since the one drunken night in a tiny jail cell in Ivega when… Well, when he'd been able to fool himself that maybe Kels felt something for him, too. In the morning, when they'd sobered, Kels hadn't seemed to remember much of what had happened. Or pretended not to.

Elion's heart had broken, but in retrospect, he knew it was for the best. They couldn't be captain and mate and also be lovers. It would get too tangled, and Elion valued Kels' friendship, as Sayal might have intuited, above all else. Besides, Kels had a voracious appetite for pretty female flesh, as evidenced by this bird gazing at him expectantly. Her lovely face gave away nothing. Either she was a very good con, or… He finished chewing and chased the eggs with cold coffee.

Kels said, "Just hear her out. You know I wanted to go to the Zone anyhow, and she has a plan for getting the Nova back."

"Mm, the venom buster."

"Yes," she said, growing animated again. "A patch I've acquired. It will offset the jarouki poison. Even if he plays poorly, he'll outlast his opponent and win by default."

"And when Ulvik sees Kels isn't sweating after a few stings, he'll…what? Let him walk away with the Nova?"

Sayal cradled Kels' coffee cup between her slender hands. "It won't be that obvious. The poison will affect him, just not as strongly. Perhaps you can fake it."

"Fake jarouki poisoning?" Kels grinned. "Not a problem. It's not like I haven't been through it more than a few times."

"Can't fake his hand, though," Elion said. "What if he loses early, before he has the chance to put Ulvik under the table?"

Sayal's pretty lips tightened. "That is true, Captain. Do you feel confident you can win?"

"Against Ulvik?" He tapped the tabletop. "Odds are good."

He was posturing for his girl, Elion could see. Pointing his spork at him, Elion said, "And if you lose? What have we got to gamble with? It'll have to be something as valuable as the Nova, or Ulvik won't bite."

Kels rubbed his chin. "Mm, true." He glanced at Sayal, who looked blank. He sucked air through his teeth and turned to Elion. "You know…there's one thing Ulvik's always wanted."

Crack and ruin… "No, Kels. Absolutely not."

"C'mon. I won't lose. Trust-"

"Don't start with that. I said no. I can't even believe you'd ask me."

"But I'll win, and we'll have the Nova back, and we can fly to the Zone, get our pay and be back in business."

"Why's it have to be my ass on the line?"

Sayal glanced from him to Kels and back. "What? What's he going to put on the line?"

"His ass." Kels gestured at Elion. "Literally. Ulvik's always wanted to fuck him."

Elion groaned and scrubbed his eyes with the heels of his palms.

Sayal said, "No, that's unacceptable. I couldn't allow you to take such a risk."

"Thank you," Elion remarked.

"I wouldn't let it get that far," Kels hedged. "We could drug Ulvik or something, make him think he'd got a piece of you." He reached over and clapped a big hand on Elion's shoulder. "You think I'd let anyone violate my first mate? Least not without your permission."

He really could be insufferable sometimes. "Even Ulvik wouldn't see my ass"-he stressed the distasteful words-"in the same lane as the Nova. Be real."

"I don't know." Kels took his coffee back from Sayal and finished it, like they were some old couple out for fifth-day brunch. "Not like he's done much with the ship 'cept let her rot in his back lot. You and I both know he just wanted to humiliate me."

"He had his reasons," Elion reminded him.

Kels pulled a face and waved him off. "How was I supposed to know she was his daughter? In any case, she came on to me."

Sayal watched this exchanged wide-eyed. They lapsed into silence. Kels, Elion knew, waited for him to break, as he so often did. Oh, saints, now he gave Elion the dew-puppy eyes, the look he couldn't resist.

"Stop looking at me that way," he snapped.

"Like what?" Kels tipped his head, half-joking, half-pleading. It wouldn't work this time. Even the Nova wasn't worth risking a fuck with the scraggin' inkman.

"Why don't you offer him your ass?" Elion suggested politely. "I've seen him give you a look or two. He's probably got quite an interesting dick, with all the inkwork he does."

"Maybe I will." Kels shrugged.




Night Owl Reviews Top Pick!

Five stars
Linda Gayle's science fiction erotic Havoc definitely plays havoc on the reader. Gayle built an intense world full of post-apocalyptic scenarios. The story begins with a bang (pun intended) as we're introduced to Captain Kels Havoc. Having lost his ship in an effort to repay a debt, Kels is, ah, working his way to purchasing his ship back. His first mate Elion has been in love with Kels for years- Kels seems clueless. Enter Sayal- an innocent who seems to be hiding something- who has a plan for Elion and Kels to regain their craft- with the understanding that they'll take her with them. Kels and Sayal are attracted to one another and Sayal knows that Elion has feelings for Kels. The relationship is slow going, to an extent, but the world building and the actual creation of the romance is beautifully done. Ordinarily, I'm not a huge fan of sci-fi, futuristic stories, but Gayle's adept writing made the book enjoyable and interesting. The trio is pursued by Sayal's past and each must come to grips with the secret she is hiding. All three eased into a ménage with a wonderful lack of artifice and accepted one another naturally. There weren't a lot of scenes of "oh no we can't, no we shouldn't" but there were a lot of "we can definitely do this." Very hot read, very enjoyable and the characters were incredibly personable and likable. - From Bookgrrl1976 at Night Owl Romance Reviews

Five stars
Read at your own risk! Ms. Gayle brings the heat from the very first page and never lets reader cool down. This was one of the most intensely passionate stories I have read in a while. She does away with the objections and gets right down to the dirty - erotic experimenting and explosive orgasms. Don't worry about getting bored! Because the numerous twists and turns will keep you guessing until the very end. This isn't a quick read but once you start, you won't be able to put it down! Havoc is a book worth splurging on and adding to your keeper shelf. - Five stars from Just Erotic Romance Reviews

Extremely entertaining
Havoc is the type of futuristic, science fiction, romance that will leave you entertained and captivated. With action flowing from every page and emotional connections that transcend the pages, Havoc is extremely entertaining. The characters are engaging and the fast paced story will have everyone who reads it on the edge of their seats. This is how science fiction, romance should be written - Kimberly Spinney, Sensual Reads

Four Hearts trs four hearts 
This is a sex adventure that will shoot you through the universe. This story has lots of secrets and sex exploits to make you wonder what is around the next corner or the next butt cheek.

Action packed explosive secrets and earth shattering sex make this space journey worth reading. Linda Gayle writes a good story which is easy to image and fun to read while getting lost in all the action. - Reviewer: Michele - The Romance Studio

All three characters are fantastic and really intriguing. They really step off the pages and take center stage. The sex scenes are so hot at times, I swore the monitor was smoking. There were some really interesting secondary characters that had me wondering what their story was.

Havoc is one adventure you have to read. It had space adventure, sensual desires that steamed the pages up and a storyline that sucks you in from the first page.— Love Romances and More



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